Have you all watched those casino movies where the small white ball spins around in a circle and lands on a particular number either in red or black? Well, that game is called “Roulette”, which is amongst one of the sophisticated and classy gambling games. The game does look easy but needs a mastermind to win it all, a person who predicts all numbers the ball would land onto is the winner in the game. Sounds amazing right? Well, if you have already played roulette offline in India then here is good news for you as the Roulette can be played for real money online as well. Online roulette is easy to play and one can play such game anywhere, anytime with real money. Before getting into the action with online roulette game let’s find out some other information regarding roulette game.



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History of Roulette Game

The game is rumored to initially launch in the late 1700s sharing time with Pascal’s wheel. Roulette casino based game traveled from countries to cultures and in this 21st century, it has become so advanced. The roulette wheel was invented by physicist Blaise Pascal. Pascal was trying to invent the perpetual motion machine in which he failed and later contributed to the gambling world. The version we play today was first played in Paris, back in 1796. The game took its recognition once it spread in the United States in the 19th century. There are two wheels prevailing around the world right now, in different parts. The game has two major versions i.e. European roulette and the American roulette.

The European roulette is much more widely accepted by players, purported because of fair chances of winning. Since the European roulette only has the 0 section while American version has improvised it to 00, therefore mostly the European roulette game is practiced and played more often in casinos.

Reason To Go For Online Roulette Game India

The roulette game is one of the most enjoyable casino games that Indian like to play. The game just needs a number or a combination of numbers to be selected and placed their bets upon. The dealer further makes the ball drop on the rotating wheel and if the ball settles and lands upon the number on which the bet was placed, the user will win the game.

For people who haven’t yet explored the online games, roulette might be the perfect game for them. Here are some of the major points which make roulette online game different from others:

  • The game is way faster than what is experienced in the casino.
  • There is no waiting like we wait in the casino for other players to place their bets.
  • There is nothing to worry about a crowded table.
  • It’s online! It’s damn luxurious and now it’s at your fingertips.

No wonder the digital gaming world has put the fan heads on rescue by allowing them to play in real money online. The interested users can even play roulette online for free at various online casinos in India.

Tips and Tricks for Roulettes Casino Online

To win any online casino roulette-based game it is necessary to know about each aspect of the game. Having a full knowledge about roulette can help one to win big. Here are some of the aspects one should keep note off.

  • Start with either even or odd if you’re playing as a beginner.
  • Know the payouts, the odds of winning and return on a stake.
  • Keep track of frequent falling numbers online, this helps you recognize patterns.
  • Feel free to place multiple bets, whether inside, outside or both.
  • Pick your slot and game cautiously.
  • Know the environment you play in.
  • Be able to distinguish between American and European roulette.

Online Roulette Pattern

There are basically two types of bets, inside and outside. The inside bets comprise of all numbers you see on the board like 0, 00, and 1 till 36. You place a bet on these numbers or a combination of them; these are more likely to pay off due to lesser options. While on the other hand, the outside bets are the ones characterizing the wheel properties, like Even, Odd, 1st dozen, 2nd dozen etc.

We recommend and suggest you start playing from the outside bets and then make your way to inside bets, as it is the safest zone to play.