Blackjack is probably one of the most famous, most played and oldest card game ever known to the gambling enthusiasts. It is played across the world and has evolved in nature and model since its inception. The game is all about playing a hand in which whoever gets a value higher than that of the dealer’s but lesser than 21 wins. Anyone crossing the limit of 21 is considered as busted and lose the game.



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Though the game has changed its form- from real card to playing with virtual cards online, the rules and regulations of the game remain the same. This Online Blackjack Guide has everything one must know in order to play Blackjack and make money. If you are ready to gamble and win Blackjack game online, here is a complete guide with game history, how to play and some tips and tricks of playing Blackjack.

Guide to Online Blackjack: From Don Quixote to Modern Online Blackjack:

Don Quixote from Miguel de Cervantes shows the first mention of Blackjack in the history. There is another set of a game played by the cheats only which was known as “ventiuna”, which means “21” in Spanish.This type of Blackjack was played with a special set of cards wherein the deck has no 8s, 9s, and 10s. Today, Blackjack is known as one of the most popularly played casino games.

It is also considered easy amid other casino games available. The deck has changed and there are no removals of cards recorded. Each card has a value which is according to the rank it holds in the deck.

The number cards have a value equal to their numeric value, all the Aces are worth 11 points and the Kings, Queens and Spades are 10 points each.

Guide to Online Blackjack: How to Play

There are basically two parties in a Blackjack game- the players and the dealers. The game starts with the parties beginning with the first two card hand. There is an option for the parties here, they can either play forward with the two cards total only or they can pick another card to increase the total. When it is show time, the player with a total more than that of the dealer but less than 21 wins. In case the total is more than 21 the player busts and considered a loser.

In this game, the players are competing with the dealer and not with each other. So, it is quite possible that there are two winners of the game one with 20 total and another one with 18.

Guide to Online Blackjack: Placing the bet

In a normal game, the players are given the two cards face up while the dealer is given only one card face up. In case you have got cards that have a value equal to 21, you already are a half winner and the dealer with offer 3/2 part of the bet. But, in case the dealer has a value equal to 21 or Blackjack, you will have to tie or put the hand and the stake is moved to the next round of hand.

Guide to Online Blackjack: Tips & Tricks

In this online Blackjack guide, we have also compiled some tips and tricks to play Blackjack which will help you in making more real money online playing Blackjack.

  • Always play at a reputable online Casino, this will help you secure great games and bonuses.
  • Play the blackjack variant that you know how to play well. Check on important details like the Blackjack pay, splitting hands, deck in the shoe, hit split aces, and more.
  • Pick your own Blackjack strategy card. The card will be your guide to know how to play when you are holding any hand when a dealer’s up card is given.

Blackjack is a fun and easy game if you know how to play. Hope this Online Blackjack guide will help you play the game perfectly to win a fortune in online Blackjack.