Live Blackjack online is one of the most widely played casino games in India. The popularity of this game is high, primarily because of two reasons- first; it is easy to play, second; there are many game options to choose from. However, things are a little twisted than they appear. While online blackjack is incredibly profitable to play, its outcome is also widely dependable upon the knowledge of game a player possesses. It is noticed that players often commit common mistakes while playing Blackjack online and have a hard time enjoying the game.



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If you are all set to play live online blackjack for money, here are a few mistakes to avoid and enjoy the best outcome.

Mistake 1: Ignoring the fine print

If you are playing live blackjack online, the first and a critically acclaimed step is to pick your seat. From seat, here we are referring to the type of game table you are choosing. Before picking a table to play, it is important that you understand the basic rule of the game and the details of the minimum bet. It is important to consider how are the players’ naturals get paid, whether on the rate of 3-to-5 or 3-to-2. These rules may be either written on the table itself or might be displayed at the right-hand side to the dealer. In case of a 6-to-5 payout, you need to switch the table, but in the case of 3-to-2, you are playing a fair play.

Similarly, it is important to understand the table’s minimum bet. This information is also mentioned on the right-hand side of the dealer. For a beginner, it is beneficial to start with a minimum bet which is usually $10 to $15.

Mistake 2: wrongly adding the value of Ace (s)

This is a common mistake usually committed by beginners. The Aces are a critical part of the game as they have two different set of values. When playing a game, a player must understand both the values and the outcome of adding them. In case you are confused you can ask the dealer and read our online blackjack guide for beginners.

Mistake 3: Not believing in Card Counting

In case you are playing Blackjack and aren’t sure about the next outcome, online blackjack live dealer card counting comes up as an important term to consider. It is a strategy that can tell that a move is particularly beneficial to the dealer or the player. There are special card counters appointed to a table whose main work is to ensure that inherent casino house edge is lower by keeping a tab of all the cards (high and low values) seen by the players.

Mistake No 4: Spoiling the game spirit

Live Blackjack online is a game of fun and entertainment. If you are playing it too seriously, you will miss upon enjoying the game’s spirit. Play with a decent amount on the bet and try to go home with some genuine increase in the basic you invested. This will help you play safe and happy.

These are some common mistakes to avoid while playing live online blackjack for money.